We've Launched!

Posted by The Ani.ME Team on October 06, 2011 0 Comments

It's been a rough year and the cost of running the Ani.ME Community, doing events, giving stuff away and, of course, paying our great writers, adds up. The team here at Ani.ME wanted to find a way to help fund and grow the community but not rely on spamming our awesome members with ads. Based on that thought, we are proud to launch Ani.ME Daily Deals! Our goal is to find cool items at epic prices and offer them to the anime community! We've teamed up with a few vendors to get started and are looking for more. Get ready for some great deals to feed your anime cravings! 

Ani.ME gets a part of every sale which we use to pay for servers and writers, add more features, do more giveaways, more events and support everyone who loves anime as much as we can! IF you don't see an item you want, but still want to support the community, sign up for our newsletter, the more people that sign up, the better items and prices we get from vendors!

Thanks for joining us for the Ani.ME Daily Deals launch and for supporting the anime community!

- The Ani.ME Team


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